Extended Pitch Chain was originally designed for ‘Hot End’ Engineers who required a lightweight Conveyor Chain which would run on their existing ½” pitch sprockets. Two main changes made it possible to produce this lighter weight chain.

The nominal link thickness was increased from 1.5mm as used in standard ½” pitch chains, to 2.3mm.

The chain pitch was extended, hence the name ‘Extended Pitch’, from ½” to 1” pitch. Extended Pitch chain is approximately 35% lighter and is less susceptible to wear and elongation as it has half the number of joints of standard ½” pitch chain.

Pennine have further improved Extended Pitch Chain by incorporating the same improved blanking and manufacturing techniques as incorporated into their ½” ‘PREMIUM’ chain.

The main advantages of Pennine ‘PREMIUM’ Extended Pitch Conveyor Chain are:-

  • Thicker than standard links, for improved under belt cooling.
  • Half the number of joints of standard ½” pitch chain, again reducing elongation and improving chain life.
  • Lighter weight than ½” pitch chains, by up to 35%. Runs on standard ½” pitch sprockets.

Pennine ‘PREMIUM’ Extended pitch chain can also be supplied with our market leading Head Protector Links (HPL’s) on one or both sides of the chain.