Supplying a broad range of machined plastics to suit your needs.

Pennine Industrial Equipment manufacture and stock a wide range of plastic machined components, utilising a comprehensive range of materials, covering a vast range of applications. We use state of the art CNC machinery alongside the latest CAD / CAM design and programming software.

Sheet & Rod


Stocking a vast range of raw material to suit your application needs

Pennine stock a large range of raw material in both sheet and rod form. Sheets are stocked from 2 mm thick up to 70 mm thick, in a variety of grades (some of which are detailed below).

1000 Grade UHMW-Pe (food grade)

  • ST1000 White
  • ST1000 Blue
  • ST1000 Green
  • Prem-Lube (Self Lubricating)
  • Prem-Detect (Metal Detectable)

Regenerated UHMW-Pe

  • A4G (Green)
  • A4B (Black)
  • A4M (Multi-Coloured)

Contact our Sales Team for a full technical specification and recommendation on the correct material for your application.

Conveyor Rollers


Pennine Industrial Equipment manufacture a range of high impact, rigid PVC tube Rollers. These Rollers are available in three standard tube sizes ranging from 21.3mm to 73.2mm outside diameter.
The Rollers require no lubrication and are extremely corrosion resistant and can be used in wet applications. We produce these Rollers for both gravity and driven applications.

Manufacturing to order from standard components enables us to keep the cost down and at the same time it means we can satisfy the customer’s need for a quick turn round.
The Rollers are fitted with a choice of bearing:

  • Gravity ball race
  • High performance ball bearing assembly
  • Solid lubricated UHMW–PE bearings.

In addition to the standard range of PVC Rollers we also design, manufacture and supply special Rollers from various materials to suit the customer’s individual design and requirements.
A roller should be selected which will provide the maximum rigidity within normal design limitations. Choose the largest diameter tube possible and keep the length to a minimum. This will minimise the deflection in the roller and transmit more even loading to the bearings. However it must be noted that many bearing failures can be attributed to design loads which were based solely on the load capacity of the PVC tube.
Please note that it is possible to increase PVC tube load capacity by a factor of ten by steel reinforcing the rollers.

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