Prior to the introduction of PennLock, the only way to disconnect and re-connect chains was to use clumsy and cumbersome tooling which was not only time consuming but ran the risk of damaging the chain. This is why we developed Pennlock, this optional extra uses a threaded pin and a locking nut, meaning that Pennine’s PennLock can drastically reduce the time taken to join the chain, while also making the whole process much easier.
Pennlock is an industry first rapid connecting system designed to reduce the time taken to join the chain while it is on the machine. Pennlock is suitable for any type of chain fitted with Thicker Type Head Protectors and offers a consistent chain running surface. Pennlock can be purchased as a complete kit including hex nut driver, 10 pins, 10 special nuts and 5 caps, spares are also available.

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New Brochure – 21/05/20

We are pleased to announce the release of our new
Products for the material handling industry” brochure. You can download a copy in pdf version
HERE, alternatively if you would like a hard copy then please contact our Sales Team on +44 (0)1484 864733, or fill in our contact form HERE.

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